"It's a love letter to classic American songwriting, a wonder of well-nourished craftsmanship. That title: poetry. As evocative a phrase as any you'll hear this year." - City Arts Magazine

"More important, the songs on their third album are their sharpest batch to date, ranging from Thin Lizzy - influenced rockers to desolate, country-steeped ballads." - KEXP 90.3 // Seattle

"Catchy choruses and classic rock and roll guitars will never be out of style, and in turn, neither will Muscle For The Wing." - Aquarian Weekly (NJ)

"Muscle For The Wing rocks with dueling electric guitars, arrests with sweeping ballads and engulfs with full harmonies - al while maintaining the band's more crucial elements, Dodson's intoxicating songwriting and incomparable heart." - Portland Willamette Week

"Several of the songs are simply breathtaking...a contender likely to compete for album of the year." -